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Scanner Activity 888

When it comes to accuracy, implant bars and bridges are the most complex pieces of work in the dental laboratory. The Activity 888 convinces with its impressive precision and was developed by smart optics as „High Performance“ dental scanner, particularly for ambitious dental laboratories and implantology practices who put great emphasis on the highest precision and level of detail.

The Activity 888 enables high-precision digitization of even the most complex digital implant works within a very short period of time. Whether it‘s implant-borne bar constructions or directly screw-retained implant-borne bridges, the Activity 888 and the new dental Scan 3.0 user software lets you handle even the most complicated tasks. Of course the „High Performance“ scanner uses the well-established modules of the Activity range, such as secondDie and multiCase as well as the new multiDie module. The patented scan fixators which ensure correct cranially-situated rendering of the condylar positions are of course available.


  • High-Performance-Scanner
  • Highest accuracy and brilliant details
  • ScanFixatores for Artex®, SAM®, Baumann®, Gamma® available
  • Correct transmission of the condyle in virtual articulators
  • High ease of use
  • Removable object holder and tool drawer ensures ergonomic operating
  • Accuracy up to 4 microns
  • Output in an open STL file format
  • No license fees


Scanner Activity 885 Mark II

Not every successor is successful, well, this one is. The fully automated Activity 885 Mark 2 is the successor model of the popular Activity 885. The two models differ significantly, especially in terms of speed. The Activity 885 Mark 2 is up to 50 percent faster than its predecessor. Giving you extra time to allow increased workload and more efficiency.

The scanner also scores with its comfortable fixtures which also include the secondDie software module next to a 36 month guarantee. With secondDie, the scanning process is a further 40 percent faster. The Activity 885 Mark 2 completes the data for a segmented 3-unit bridge in only 40 seconds.

Of course the Activity 885 Mark 2 can scan articulated jaw models in a condyle-related manner using the smart optics scan fixators and the data to the dental CAD.

The Activity 885 Mark 2 captivates with its high quality, both in terms of workmanship as well as with its scanning results.


  • Extremely fast, fully automatic scanner
  • Skull-Correct transfer of the condyl-positions in virtual articulators
  • Accuracy up to 6 µm
  • Output as open STL file



Vinyl has been especially designed for achieving a maximum of productivity in the daily laboratory work. From now on it is up to you to decide whether you wish to prepare a monochrome or a color texture scan. Decide for yourself which scanning mode suits your working style best. Decide for yourself whether you wish to scan with an open or closed lid. Save considerable time with the fully automated z-axis. The Vinyl automatically guides the object to be scanned into the measuring field. Screwing on spacer plates, which is known from other manufacturers as well as the earlier smart optics models, is now dispensed with. Time which you can use far better elsewhere. Additionally the handling becomes significantly easier.


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