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Model system

Model system Profident 2010

This innovative, reliable model system ensures maximum precision and saves a great deal of time and material. There is no need to invest in additional, expensive equipment. The Profident 2010 can also be used for fabricating high-quality sectioned models quickly. After preparing the impression, the complete model including the base is fabricated in one step. The Profident 2010 has a preformed, dimensionally stable split cast. The components and pin base plates, which are supplied in two sizes, are reusable and cover all applications.

1 x working instruction
3 x pin base plate, size 1
2 x pin base plate, size 2
3 x study model plate, size 1
2 x study model plate, size 2
1 x positioner plate, size 1
2 x model sleeve, size 1
1 x model sleeve, size 2
1 x removal device
1 x 100 ml Profisep 2010
1 x positioner plate, size 1
1 x positioner plate, size 2
(also single available)

REF 890000

Model system ECO

A base plate with plastic pins (instead of metal pins) as an economic solution for the perfect model, compatible with the model system Profident 2010.

Model hammer

For ensure an easy remove of the pin base plate ECO.

HinriPoly 1:1

Ein Zweikomponenten (1:1) Modellwerkstoff auf Polyurethan-Basis mit sehr geringer Schrumpfung zur Herstellung von Demonstrations- und Schaumodellen sowie für interne Prüfmodelle.

  • sehr niedrigviskos (dünnfließend)
  • leicht verarbeitbar und dimensionsstabil
  • lange Verarbeitungszeit
  • geringer Schwund < 0,1 %
  • hohe Detailwiedergabe und Kantenstabilität
  • leicht zu fräsen und schleifen
  • Basisfarbe: weiß, optional in verschiedene Farben einfärbbar



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