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Model system

Model system Profident 2010

This innovative, reliable model system ensures maximum precision and saves a great deal of time and material. There is no need to invest in additional, expensive equipment. The Profident 2010 can also be used for fabricating high-quality sectioned models quickly. After preparing the impression, the complete model including the base is fabricated in one step. The Profident 2010 has a preformed, dimensionally stable split cast. The components and pin base plates, which are supplied in two sizes, are reusable and cover all applications.

1 x working instruction
3 x pin base plate, size 1
2 x pin base plate, size 2
3 x study model plate, size 1
2 x study model plate, size 2
1 x positioner plate, size 1
2 x model sleeve, size 1
1 x model sleeve, size 2
1 x removal device
1 x 100 ml Profisep 2010
1 x positioner plate, size 1
1 x positioner plate, size 2
(also single available)

REF 890000

Model system Profident evolution

In this starter set you will find everything you need to create true saw-cut models in combination with the Magic® Model 3D CAD model builder.
The pin base plates are designed for single use.

10 pcs. pin base plate, small
4 pcs. Splitcast plate, small
10 pcs. pin base plate, large
4 pcs. Splitcast plate, large
10 pcs. insert with metal core
20 pcs  insert w/o metal core
1 pc. reamer
1 set (5 x 15) pcs. articulation supports MM3D
1 pc. Reamer 2 mm for articulation supports
1 pc Plastic hammer for model systems

Model system ECO

A base plate with plastic pins (instead of metal pins) as an economic solution for the perfect model, compatible with the model system Profident 2010.

HinriPoly 1:1

Ein Zweikomponenten (1:1) Modellwerkstoff auf Polyurethan-Basis mit sehr geringer Schrumpfung zur Herstellung von Demonstrations- und Schaumodellen sowie für interne Prüfmodelle.

  • sehr niedrigviskos (dünnfließend)
  • leicht verarbeitbar und dimensionsstabil
  • lange Verarbeitungszeit
  • geringer Schwund < 0,1 %
  • hohe Detailwiedergabe und Kantenstabilität
  • leicht zu fräsen und schleifen
  • Basisfarbe: weiß, optional in verschiedene Farben einfärbbar



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