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Mixing Spatula

For gypsum, resins and cements. Wooden handle. 21,5 cm

REF 516000

Gypsum Knife

According to Gritmann. Wooden handle and flask opener. 17 cm.

REF 516002

Measuring Cylinder

Made from PMP. Clear. Graded in 1 ml.

REF 516001

Aluminum gypsum scoop

For gypsum and investments, size: 210 mm
for approx. 160 g powder

REF 516006

250 ml spray bottle

For propellant-free spraying of liquids (e.g. Neutralgin, Hinrisol, Hinrisid).

250 ml pump spray bottle


Gypsum Gloss

An environmentally acceptable impregnation for all gypsum models. The gypsum models get thru the gloss bath a moisture-, fat- and dust repellent and a shiny surface as well.

REF 109120

GipEx gypsum remover

For removing gypsum and investment residue from acrylic, dentures, impression trays, instruments etc. Does not contain acid. Can also be used in ultrasonic cleaners. Solution is ready to use. Do not dilute.

1.000 ml bottle, REF 100910
5.000 ml canister, REF 100911

GipEx Tabs

High reactive binder for dental gypsum, phosphate bound investments in the gypsum separator. Prevents a blockage of the waste pipes, reduces unpleasant smells and facilitates the cleaning of the separator.

02 pcs. Gipex Tabs, REF 100915
10 pcs. Gipex Tabs, REF 100916
25 pcs. Gipex Tabs, REF 100917

Setting Accelerator

Proven accelerator for all types of dental gypsum and gypsum bound investment to reduce the setting time. Depending on the amount which shall be mixed add 1-10 g powder to the mixing water and then mix it thoroughly with the gypsum.

1 kg bucket, REF 100401
5 kg bag, REF 100402

Setting Retarder

This retarder prolongs the setting time of gypsum and allows the extended working time to be regulated individually. The retarder is added to the water (max. 2,0%).

1 kg bucket, REF 104001
5 kg bag, REF 104002

Hinrisep G

Gypsum Separator

Provides reliable separation between gypsum layers when sprayed dry surface of gypsum. Also usable for Base Stone FL (flowable).

250 ml pump srpay bottle, REF 100920
1.000 ml refill bottle, REF 100921

Hinrisep K

Acrylic Separator

For hot and coldcuring resins. Alginate-based seal for gypsum models when used with acrylics. The thin smooth film is scratch-resistant and reliably separates gypsum from acrylic.

1.000 ml bottle, REF 109221
5.000 ml canister, REF 109222


Alcohol-Based Surface
Wetting Agent

Not suitable for polyether!

For reducing surface tension, neutralising and cleaning silicone, wax and resin surfaces without leaving a film. Hinrisol is compatible with all silicone-based impression and duplicating materials.

250 ml pump spray bottle, REF 109400
1.000 ml refill bottle, REF 109401


Surfactant Dububblizer

Also suitable for polyether!

ERNST HINRICHS surfactant is a universal wetting agent for fabricating gypsum models without bubbles in silicone impressions.

250 ml pump spray bottle, REF 109410
1.000 ml refill bottle, REF 109411


Neutraliser for alginate impressions

For sealing alginate impressions. Prevents alginate acid from exuding, resulting in smooth gypsum models. The separating liquid can be used for all types of alginates.

250 ml pump spray bottle, REF 100940
1.000 ml refill bottle, REF 100941
5.000 ml refill canister, REF 100942

Base former

By means of the HINRICHS base former, the model creation obtains a fast, economical and clean working basis. After 5 seconds only, the perfect base former is ready for each impression. The simple handling and the high economic efficiency (low consumption of material) turns the base former into an important practice attendant.


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