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Phosphate-bonded investments

Hinrivest® Press
Hinrivest® RP

A super fine phosphate bonded, graphite free precision investment for the production of partial denture frameworks. Hinrivest® RP is developed especially for the casting of printed (rapid prototyping) and milled wax & resin parts.

  • super fine corn size, creamy consistency
  • perfect fitting, very smooth casting surface
  • easy to divest

Hinrivest® CoCr

class 1, type 2

A conventional preaheating phosphate-bonded and graphite-free investment for CoCr frameworks. This proven phosphate-bonded, graphite-free investment asures a precise fit and smooth surface.

package size REF
5 kg carton (28 x 180 g sachets)    102401   
20 kg carton (112 x 180 g sachets) 102402
20 kg carton (50 x 400 g sachets) 102403
20 kg carton (4 x 5.000 g) sachets 102404


Hinrivest® SG

class 2, type 2

A phosphate-bonded, graphite-free investment for CoCr frameworks specially developed for the speed heating technique. Suitable for casting all types of dental alloys.

package size REF
5 kg carton (28 x 180 g sachets)    102411   
20 kg carton (112 x 180 g sachets)  102412
20 kg carton (50 x 400 g sachets)  102413

Hinrivest® KB

class 1 + 2, type 1

A speed casting universal investment for casting all types of precious and non-precious alloys in crown and bridge and combined techniques. Also ideal for direct firing of pressable ceramics. Ultra-fine grains, excellent accuracy and surface quality.

package size REF
5 kg carton (32 x 160 g sachets)     109601   
20 kg carton (125 x 160 g sachets) 109602


Hinrivest® Liquid

Expansion liquid for regulating setting expansion of phosphate-bonded Hinrivest® investments. Can be diluted with distilled water.

package size:

1 litre bottle, REF 107820
3 litre canister, REF 107821
25 litre canister, REF 107824

Hinrivest® Liquid High Ex

Special liquid contains a higher proportion of silica solution and other particles for higher expansion values. For fabricating CrCo telescopic work and also for other phosphate-bonded investments.

package size:

1 litre botle, REF 107830
3 litre canister, REF 107831


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