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Storage –
simple, if the correct steps are followed.

Our gypsum is always packed in special bags, buckets or cartons. If the containers are
closed and stored in a dry room, there is virtually no loss of quality for 18 months. Fluctu-
ations in temperature do not damage gypsum. Storage of gypsum presents no problem.
However, four simple rules must be followed:

	1.	 Do n	ot store gypsum directly on a concrete floor.                             or

 2.	 Keep out humidity as low as possible.
 3.	 Keep the container always tightly closed.
 4. Store gypsum at maximum for a three days’ supply in a dispenser 		

Our investments will be delivered in sachets or small packing. So they are unopened storable
up to two years without quality change. Keep the following rules:

  •	 Never store the expansion liquid under +4°C
  •	 Do not place the investment directly on damp soils,
  •	 The packing must always be locked
  •	 The air humidity must be as low as possible

For abrasives, pumice and polishing material we recommend a dry storage in closed
With the storage of duplicating silicones the following points must be considered:

 •	 Store at normal room temperature
 •	 Do not expose to direct sunlight
 •	 Seperate strictly the components A and B

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