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Raw materials, quality control, productions

                                     All gypsums are not the same - all investments are not the same - high-
                                     quality raw materials decide on the quality and the health of the tooth-
                                     technical users in the laboratory and in practice.

                                            Already the used raw materials decide on the quality of the dental gypsums, investments,
                                            duplicating silicones, abrasives and polishing agents. So we produce our dental gypsum only on the
                                            basis of high-quality pure natural gypsum or synthetic raw materials from the foodstuffs industry. We
                                            guarantee that our gypsums do not contain any flue gas desulfurizing gypsum. Also our gypsums
                                            do not contain quartz, oxyde or other hardness materials such as modulators, which e.g. cause an
                                            increased wear with friction discs.
                                            Working in close cooperation with the nature conservation authorities, we aim to create new habitats
                                            for animals and plants in quarry areas. Also with the investments and duplicating silicones the raw
                                            materials decide on the later quality of the products. With the abrasives and polishing agents we use
                                            exclusively high-quality assortments with high use duration and tooth-technical suitability. With our
                                            untreated and pollution-free pumice powder there is no silicosis danger.

Silo plant

                                     Quality from start to finish – step by step quality control

                                            The raw materials are immediately subjected to quality control in the laboratory. They are classified
                                            and sorted according to their intended use. After production, the finished products again pass
                                            through quality control where they are thoroughly checked before we allow them to be sold on
                                            the open market. Our criteria for analysis and assessment are above those for all ISO-norms.
                                            Our customers can be assured that the products they receive from us are of a consistently
                                            high quality.

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