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History of ERNST HINRICHS Dental
Company founded by ERNST HINRICHS in Osterode.The first dental impression and model plasters are developed
with dentist Dr. Kühns.
The sons Ernst and Richard Hinrichs join the company. The first“Hinrizit”hard stones and gypsum-bound invest-
ments are developed. With the installation of modern electric sifters and screening machines, the quality of the
dental preparations is being constantly improved and their further development tailored to dental engineering.
In 1936, the first soldering compound “L 36”is developed.
The company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Already at this time, ERNST HINRICHS is distributing its products
through dental wholesale partner firms. The customer base includes Germany and a number of countries in
Europe and overseas.
Because of the Second World War ERNST HINRICHS loses large markets in East Germany and Europe.Thanks to the
dedication of all staff, the company’s productivity and the high quality standards of its products are successfully
assured again in the subsequent rebuilding years.
Margot Hanke, daughter of Ernst Hinrichs jr., takes over the management of the company. She succeeds in winning
back the international customers to Hinrichs’dental products that were lost by the war.
Christian Rehse takes over the management of the company. Under his leadership, the company’s market share
is enlarged and new high-strength dental stones developed.
ERNST HINRICHS celebrates its 100th anniversary. The company participates regularly in the International Dental
Fair, in material courses and seminars.
The company’s expansion requires new production and storage facilities. ERNST HINRICHS leaves its site in Osterode
after more than 100 years and establishes a modern company building in Goslar with up-to-date production
and storage technology.
An additional indoor extension is required. A total of more than 1,000 tons of dental gypsum, abrasives and po-
lishing materials are stored in Goslar. The production technology is modernised by new electronically controlled
ploughshare mixers and supplemented by powerful packing machines.
Markus Rehse joins the management.
Strong sales expansion of phosphate-bonded investment materials and duplicating silicones, the first scannable
special super hard stones are introduced to the market.
ERNST HINRICHS builds up a further distribution hall and new modern silo and production facilities.
With the assumption of another production facility in Bad Sachsa the company strengthens its position as market
leader for dental gypsum and investments in Germany and Europe.
Introduction of the CAD-CAM consumable product line under the “BioStar”brand
ERNST HINRICHS celebrates its 125th anniversary and is now one of the oldest dental companies. Sales start of
desktop milling systems
Acquisition of 2 other well-known dental companies in the field of model creation, wax production, polymeri-
sation & thermoforming technology.

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